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Staff receiving training

Helping you get the most from CareMaster

When you buy CareMaster we aim to provide a full service to your organization.

Installation and Configuration:

Logging on to laptop computer

On-line Support for
Registered Users

Enter the session code you are given and then click Connect.

If you have your own IT staff or if you use another IT company to support your systems, we will work alongside them to make sure that installation of the program goes smoothly.

Migrating Data:

You may have existing resident data in another program or database or on a spreadsheet. In many cases this data can be migrated into CareMaster to save you the task of entering it all again.

Design Service:

CareMaster has a range of reports already included but if you require additional information, we offer a report design service. In addition, we can also design invoice layouts for you incorporating your logo or other graphics, and any text required so that pre-printed forms are not required.


We provide on-site training tailored to your needs.

Technical Support:

All users with a current support contract are entitled to technical support during office hours (Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 5.00pm). This can be by telephone or email or online. The support contract also entitles users to program updates as and when they become available.

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