Fully integrated with Sage 50cloud Accounts

One of the great strengths of CareMaster is it's integration with Sage 50cloud Accounts. Customer account codes, nominal ledger codes and tax codes are all read in directly from the Sage database. At the end of the invoicing process, the transactions can be posted directly into the relevant customer accounts and nominal codes. There is also the option of specifying department codes.

CareMaster - Sage 50 Accounts

For organizations that operate more than one home, there is a multi-home option. Individual homes can be linked to separate companies within Sage 50cloud Accounts or alternatively they can be linked to departments within a single company, or a combination of both. For those organizations with more than one home the system can be set up with a single database for all homes or with a separate database for each.

Each resident can be linked to their own Sage customer account or several residents can be linked to one account. Many residents will have several different funding sources, each of these can be posted to a different nominal code if required.

All of this means that the whole system is very flexible and allows the user to set it up in a way that suits their individual circumstances. Sage 50cloud Accounts, the UK's best selling accounting software linked with CareMaster is a winning combination for care homes.

We are both a Sage Business Partner and a Sage Developer and we can supply CareMaster to existing Sage users or we can provide a complete package including Sage 50cloud Accounts and Payroll if required.